Dodi Tal – Dayara Trek

Kannan and I have started discussing about the trek. I prepared the list of items, food and equipment we will require during the trek. As of now the plan goes like this we will be three trekkers Kannan, our guide and me. This trek is for total 8 days Dehradun to Dehradun. This will be my second trek of this kind without the help of ponies or porter, we will be carrying our stuff on

Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal

our own. As per my list the total weight will be around 35 Kilograms with little variation of 2kgs. I can easily carry around 15 Kgs have carried more than this in various treks.

The list which I prepared is for the simple food no strings attached. The food menu would be like this Maggi and tea in breakfast, in lunch boiled potato, Dal – Khichdi and Dinner of Dal and Rice. Simple easy and fast. We will be carrying pre cooked paranthas for day 1 and cooked suji to change the sweet. Other items would be biscuits,dry fruits, chocolates and few energy bars.

Day 0: Dehradun -> Uttarkashi (1150m,8 hrs); stay at GMVN
Day 1: Jeep/bus to Raithal (2300m,2hrs), trek from Raithal-> Dayara Bugyal (3048m,12km,6 hrs)
Food not required for Day 1 we can carry 10-15 paranthas and pickle plus 
Day 2: Dayara Bugyal -> Nimdhar (16km,6hrs)
Food: B: Maggi, Tea plus L: leftover paranthas and boiled potato D:Soup, rice and dal,
Day 3: Nimdhar -> Dodital (3307m,16km,6hrs)
B: Maggi and Tea, L: Khicdi D: Same Dal Rice
Day 4: Dodital … explore lake, climb the Darwa pass and explore the ridge line south of the pass…
B: Maggi and Tea, L: Khicdi D: Same Dal Rice
Day 5: Dodital -> Darwa Top (4150m,5km,3hrs) -> Seema (13km,4hrs)
B: Maggi and Tea, L: Khicdi D: Same Dal Rice
Day 6: Seema -> Hanuman Chatti (2400m,12km,5hrs); stay at GMVN
B: Maggi and Tea, L: Khicdi D: Same Dal Rice
Day 7: Hanuman Chatti -> Yamunotri (jeep 9km, trek 5km) -> Hanuman Chatti; stay at GMVN

Day 8: Hanuman Chatti -> Rishikesh/Dehradun


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