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One response to “Contacts

  1. manish asnani

    November 25, 2011 at 12:34 AM

    Hello chris .

    Greetings on behalf of Travelloholic magazine !!!

    Travelloholic is a FREE E-MAGAZINE, and is a established as a social venture @ Ahmedabad, and would be in the favor of travel passionate people who likes to explore new destinations, we are going to provide them unseen places which are not popular but have a great experience also we are giving opportunity to the travelloholic people to share their experience in form of story and different flavors.

    i loved your blog : Photographing Colors of Pushkar Fair – Rajasthan
    i would like people to know about this and the brautiful art that you have clicked, if you allow me- i would love to publish this article in our december issue. As this is our social venture we will not be able to pay you anything, but in future if we will go for print media so will suerly make a good deal.
    for now your name will be published and the ownership of article would be yours. we hve 15000+ subscribers but to see you in their hearts

    do write me on:

    Manish Asnani
    Editor Travelloholic


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