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Jaipur Trekking and Cooking

Jaipur Trekking and Cooking

Trekking in Jaipur Go fish

Jaipur too is surrounded by hills and as a trekking aficionado I though of trekking to one of the hills cook food and return. So I called few of friends and children and made a plan to trek a hill near malviya nagar with red beacon light on top of it.
All set packed my backpack with all the supplies for the maiden Jaipur trek raw chicken as our chef was very gung ho about it and all sort of spices. Four of us started the trek near the Jaipur shooting range. It was raining and we all were excited to see the Jeep Safari that to in Rajasthan till now we have seen waterfall in my Himalayan Trek – Valley of Flowers. This was wonderful. Initially we didn’t face any difficulty as we were trekking on the trails made by shephers and their cattle but after sometime it became difficult because all the trees were full of thorns. We kept walking and finally we reached our destination the Red Beacon light.
Anil & Rajesh resting after the so called hardest trek for them
Our Stove which failed and we cook our chicken on makeshift chulha
My multifuel stove which ditched us when we required it most …and then we went in to the jungle to collect wood and we were afraid that we will not get good dry wood but we were lucky we got lot of them.

Our Chef – Anil and our Chulha
Cooking and chatting It was no less then any of the best cooking shows and on top of that it was a lesson learnt in how to cook without a stove.
Yummmmmm It was fun to cook there
Our Guest
The Red Beacon light cage….first time we saw it so close
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