Hampta Trek Seasons’s First Batch

27 Jul

Hampta Pass Trek

Rendezvous with  Team Renok

 Hampta Pass trek date is set and team is set but change at the last moment. We were settled in Old Manali hotel and last day decided that I will be leading the second batch (Balaji, Ani, Puru, Janesh, Rashimi & Rajesh) of Hampta pass trek. Till now Rohan was the one man contact from Renok Adventures and Balaji from our guest side form the team of four. While we were getting for the 7 day trek (Hampta Pass and Hampta Circle) we communicated it to Balaji and first time we had a conversation. I am quite comfortable speaking to Madrasi’s (In north India every from south is madrasi – LOL) thanks to my FMS days.

 Adventure Begins

We were late!!  Balaji’s bus arrived late, we were struck in traffic from old Manali to New Manali, We did last minute shopping….etc.  And of course if…

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