Mountaineering Manners

24 Sep

Campsite: the campsite which you occupy has probably been in use for years. This perhaps the only site in the are which satisfies the basis requirements like the

I. Availability of sufficient
II. Flat ground near the track,
III. Proximity to clean water
IV. Orientation of the slope
V. Direction of prevailing winds

Remember that another party will be using the same camp-site after you have vacated it. Therefore, leave the camsite cleaner than you found it.

Following actions are recommended:-
I. Keep all your litter in one place deisignated by the team leader
II. All garbage should be collected in one place away from the campsite and burnt
III. The scar on the ground or ashes should be covered with earth or stones
IV. Garbage which does not burn, e.g. tins, bottles, and plastic – wrappers, should be collected, brought back.
V. Don’t throw the garbage in the nearby stream or river and don’t let anyone else do it.
VI. Latrines areas should be allotted and marked with yellow flags. If campsite is to be occupied for some time then dig shallow-trench latrines.
VII. Latrine area should always be allotted downstream from the camp. Equally, do not camp near a stream which has habitation close to it upstream.
VIII. After vacating the campsite all members should thoroughly inspect the campsite and surrounding area and make sure that it is clean in all respects.

At  Renok Adventures we follow the policy of – LNT “Leave No Trace”

While in Himalayas do the following things
• Limit Deforestation
• Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment.
• Make no open fires.
• Keep local water clean and avoid contaminating it.

While Trekking: Do not throw wrappers, empty cigarette boxes or other litter by the way side or in the stream. Keep them in your pockets and empty them at designated place.


We at Renok Adventures also support the Green Hiker campaign by WWF India



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