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Misadventure at the mall opening ceremony

Rock climber Shailendra Singh Bisht was rappelling down the facade of the Great Adventure Mall in Greater Noida in full view of spectators when his rope snapped near the seventh floor. He crashed to the ground and died.

How can this happened? this question came in my mind that a simple rappelling session at the opening ceremony of a mall in Greater Noida near Indian Capital New Delhi turned fatal for this trained mountaineer. Adventures sports in India are in the nascent stage and if this kind of negligence is not good for the Industry.

The negligence on the part of the organisers of the stunt, Tourism Worx, and the promoters of the place, AMR Infrastructure, is clearly evident in the death of Bisht. He was using a single rope for the rappelling when we go on mountaineering expedition we do use single rope because its hard to carry a ropes but it was a mall and an opening ceremony one should carry enough ropes. There was no safety net or platform was there, how can they take such risk.

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