Dodi Tal – Darwa Top – Dayara Bugyal Circuit Trek

06 Apr

Yesterday Mr. Kannan messaged me about the alpine style trek for this circuit and immediately I said yes!!

Even I was thinking of doing a solo trek ( without the help of porters or guides) but couldn’t plan it.

The Itinerary which is fixed by Kannan is like this

Day 0 (April 30): Dehradum -> Uttarkashi -> Barsu; stay at GMVN, Barsu
Day 1: Barsu -> Barnala Bugyal (6 km, 4hrs) -> Dayara Bugyal (6 km, 2.5 hrs) ; camp at Dayara
Day 2: Dayara Bugyal -> Nimdhar (16km, 6hrs); camp at Nimdhar
Day 3: Nimdhar -> Dodigad crossing -> Manjhi ; camp at Manjhi
Day 4: Manjhi -> Dodital (5km, ?hrs); camp at Dodital
Day 5: Dodital -> Darwatop (4115m) -> Seema (18km, 7hrs); camp at Seema
Day 6: Seema -> Hanuman Chatti (13km, 5hrs); stay in a hotel at Hanuman Chatti
Day 7: trek to yamunotri

I have starting my research for the trek…I have done good amount of trekking in Uttarakhand but this route is kind of new, very few people go for this except hardcore adventurers. Lets see if I can make this a popular  or not!!

Dayara Bugyal (Bugyal means meadows)


This is going to be long awaited photography trip for me!!


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3 responses to “Dodi Tal – Darwa Top – Dayara Bugyal Circuit Trek

  1. Gargi

    May 20, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    I have chalked out the same circuit for my trek (excluding Yamunotri, ending at hanumanchatti -Uttarkashi) from 1stJune – 16th June 2013 including travel days back to Mumbai. Pls let me know how this trek was. we are 5 people with moderate – good level of fitness. And we have about 12-13 days to do this cuircit. Awaiting your response

    • crisscrossingindia

      May 27, 2013 at 11:24 PM

      Hi Gargi,
      Sorry for such a late response !!
      Expect a good amount of snow at Darwa top !!

      • Gargi

        May 28, 2013 at 8:06 AM

        Can you tell me which month did u visit and also how difficult was the trek. Also which parts do you think are difficult and maybe we can break them into 2 days if its too much for one day.
        We are all from Mumbai and not used to cold temperatures at all. Any idea what will be temperatures in the night?

        We are planning this route :
        Barsu – Barnala Bugyal
        Barnala Bugyal – Dayara Bugyal
        Dayara Bugyal – Gidara Bugyal
        Gidara Bugyal – Dayara Bugyal
        Dayara Bugyal – Nimdhar
        Nimdhar – Manjhi
        Manjhi – Dodital
        Dodital – Darwa Top
        Darwa – Seema Camp
        Seema Camp – Hanuman Chatti

        Thanks in advance


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