My best three adventures till date !!!

05 Oct

As an adventurer lover and enthusiast i have been a participating adventure activities of all kind since my childhood. When I was a child i used to spend the my entire summer vacation in my mom’s village and I learnt the basic lessons of all adventure activities without any instructions. We use to swim, climb mountains, cycling, etc. Now they have become more organised, to show off on facebook that look I have been to these places and did all this and get comments on that.

My major activity area for my adventure activites is The Great Indian Himalayas of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttharakhand and Sikkim. (Great Nepal Himalayas are next to explore). I have done rafting, cliff jumping, rapelling, trekking, high altitude trekking and mountaineering in them.

So my best three from many adventures are !!!!

1. Adventures of Basic Course

2. Stok Kangri Expedition (My Highest Altitude 6153M till date)

3. Successfull Unsuccessful Alpine Expedition to Mt. Panwali Dwar

Adventures of Basic Course

HMI was founded on 4th November1954 and Mr. Tenzing Norgay was the first Field Director of the Institute

The grueling 28 days course which I attended in Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling one of the world’s best mountaineering institute. These 28 days were full of adventures of all kind. My fitness was far above the average but still I used to struggle for all the activities. This course was divided in three parts first 8 days initial training at Darjeeling (altitude around 1500Mts), second part was high altitude training at HMI’s Basecamp in  Sikkim “Chaurikhang” means yak’s grazing place for 14 days and last part was again in Darjeeling for exams, competition and graduation ceremony.

Adventure schedule for first 6 days:

4 ‘O’ Clock Morning tea I never got up at 4 in my entire life!!! finish daily morning activities and assemble for morning exercise in that we have to initial warm up and run for around 6 KM in which i always short of breadth and my trekking boots always works against me. Then after finishing it somehow …. it was time for breakfast which was limited to 5 bread slices, butter, jam, scrambled egg and tea. I always felt hungry even after having couple of more bread slices and cup of tea. This morning exercises were the toughest part for the entire 8 days in Darjeeling. After breakfast we use have classes whole day with three breaks in between for tea and lunch. We did two small treks with fully loaded backpacks with all the high altitude equipment issues to us to Bhutia Basti and Tiger Hill with total distance of around 6 and 32 KMs respectively. The total weight I carried would be somewhere 14-15 Kg which was ok for me as the route was simply plain.

HMI Basecamp training:

This was the most adventurous and toughest of all !! Initially the trek from Yoksum to Chaurikhang with 16-18 Kg of load. The trek route was Yoksum (1700Mts) >13Km> Bakhim(2743Mts) > 12Km > Dzongri (4030Mts) > 13Km> Chaurikhang (4450Mts). The trek from Yoksum to Bakhim we crossed four bridges so every time we have to go down and climb up again but it was good.  Next we went up to halfway point for height gain to acclimatize for high altitude without our backpacks. The toughest part of the trek was Bakhim to Dzongri as we have to gain an altitude of almost 1300Mt, the entire trek was an uphill climb.

The worst to come: In Dzongri we were staying in tents. All the tents were pitched by us as guided by the instructors. The tents were dome shape for 12-14 people. We had our dinner around 7 PM and after having the evening hot drink we all went to sleep. Rohan and Me were in the same tent and discussing about the pain we were having. The wind started blowing around 10 and we slept around the same time, then I got up around 12 by hearing the strong sound of which tent was producing because of wind. I told Rohan that if we don’t tie our tent properly to the boulders it will blow our tent, then some of us went out. As it was the month of November it was sub-zero outside due to the wind chill. We put some boulders and tied the ropes properly as we could and came but I was not able to due to the strong sound. After 30 minutes I again told to Rohan this tent is going to be blown away by the wind and it happened very soon…..suddenly there was nothing between star laden sky and my eyes which were now full of dust. Then we remove the central pole of the tent and kept lying inside that just to save from windchill and dust. Around 4 ‘O’ clock I came out and said now we can’t sleep it better to get fresh be ready for next day’s trek. That day same story was with other 4 tent nobody had more than hours sleep. All my Andhra friends which were a group of around 6 backed out said that they don’t want to any further. We started with total 70 enrolments and now we were only remaining around 55. Next trek was relatively easy via Dzongri top and Beak Bari to reach Chaurikhang. Dzongri top and Chaurikhang are at the same altitude but there is one river which we have to cross at Beak Bari which is at 3940Mts of altitude.

Base Camp training:

Every day brought a new adventure there in base camp. Every evening we used to receive schedule for next morning in a coded word like 456 which means Bed tea at 4, Breakfast at 5 and assemble and move at 6. More or less this was the schedule except 1 or 2 days. It was very tough to walk with Koflach snow boots. Every day we use trek for around to 2 hours to reach our designated training area. Here are the adventure activities which I learnt Jumaring, Rope up, rappelling, Self arrest, Ice craft, snow craft, crevasse rescue, anchor base setup and last but not the least successfully summitted Renok peak (4900Mts).

My other two best adventures are coming soon!!!!!


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    Thansk for liking working on the second best adveture: Stok Kangri expedition

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